About me

My name is Jameel, I currently am pursuing degrees in Statistics and Political Science at the University of Washington in Seattle. I began tutoring when I was a sophomore in high school, and quickly found that helping other kids with their math homework while getting payed was kind’ve the awesomest thing ever. I have to admit that this is still why I drive all across Kitsap and King county to work with students; I could do it forever.

My passion has been to teach all levels of high school math through the AP Calculus curriculum, but I also offer help with AP Economics, AP Computer Science, Chemistry, Spanish, and History.

While I work with a lot of students at the high school level, I spent much of last year working for A Better Tomorrow Education, a non profit that provides free tutoring to kids from low income families attending Seattle schools. All of the families were immigrants, and all of the kids I worked with were struggling in reading. Seeing the positive impact I could have on kids continues to drive my will to teach.

My tenure with A Better Tomorrow Education also showed me how many bright kids are left behind by standardized testing, especially those born into a world with no one to advocate for their success. If a first grader is told that they are failing and are going to be held back a grade (as the system does now), they’re going to believe they are failures from the beginning. It really hit me hard seeing how bright these “failing” kids were as I worked with them, but have already had their educational confidence crushed by a mass produced test.

I also believe that educational provision in this country is rooted with defrauding those seeking an education. This is a rather weighted and broad thing to say, but perhaps can resonate with those reading who have a child who has been consistently labeled “failing” according to the criteria of standardized testing, or with those who were rightly appalled at the ease in which an oligarch who openly promotes the deconstruction of public education was appointed secretary of public education. Much of this problem lies in the heavy involvement of state appointed oligopolists such as McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, Cengage Learning, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt having such pivotal influence in shaping all levels of education, particularly in the enormous sums of money their mass disseminated tests cost states and districts, and that their lobbyists write laws governing schools at all levels of our government.

It is simply unacceptable that we have allowed educational services as a private profit maximizing endeavor to be such an integral part of public education. It has allowed a wealthy minority in this country to progressively drive an agenda that public education is fundamentally a failure in this country. It’s why Betsy DeVos, someone who has made clear that taxpayer funded charter schools will not be restrained from segregating students by race (and who’s family has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Republican party), is our current Secretary of Education.

A fundamental principle of the Enlightenment (on which our great country was founded) championed all individuals as being entitled to a true education.

Consequently Reach Kitsap Tutoring is modeled on what its name implies: If your student needs help, I will work to get them tutoring regardless of limitations on income.

Quality private academic help should not be a privilege of the affluent.