Free Math Resources

Need help on homework? Here’s an idea: google it. The internet offers an unlimited wealth of knowledge, notably when it comes to math. Why pay for a tutor before trying one of the thousands of free resources available on the internet? Here are some of my personal recommendations.

Khan Academy – Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy) is one of my heroes. His vision for equal and free access to education, as well as his love for teaching, truly inspires me. Khan Academy offers instructional videos for topics across all levels of high school math. I’ll bet you that if you’re working on a math problem, Sal has done a video on a similar problem.

Algebra 1


Algebra 2


AP Calculus AB

NOTE: Though they are called different names, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Pre Calculus are all just classes in algebra. If you are struggling in Pre Calc for example, the video you are looking for might be under the Algebra 2 link. – Especially good for PreCalc/Calculus students. Lots of really good cheat sheets, mini-lessons, etc. on here.

Free Math Help is a very simple to navigate website that has a hundred plus helpful lessons. Just click on the link and click on the class you need help in.